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What People are Saying:
I just played the guitar properly this morning.
Oh my God...I mean - Oh. My. God.
this is the best sounding guitar that I've had in my undeserving hands ever!
Thanks so much to Ray & Lucy
Dave Elliman
Dear Ray & Lucy,
I just wanted to put in writing how pleased i am with the Peavey Vandenberg. You made the entire process both enjoyable and informative throughout, and it was an absolute pleasure to meet you both. Everything from the paintwork, fret dressing and general set up are perfect, and the Juicy pickups are amazing. The guitar looks as if it has just come out of the shop circa 1991, and I daresay i have never before had the pleasure of playing a guitar so perfectly set up as this one. I will be using it to record solos on a new song, and i will send you a link to the recording once completed Thank you so much, and I will most certainly be in contact again when i need more guitar work doing!
regards Greg Bird
The Bass is great Ray/Lucy!
Plays really nice all the way up the neck now!
Cheers Tom Doyle - Don Broco.

Hello Ray and Lucy,
Just to say I love the new pickups in the Gibson. Much more clarity I notice and the coil tapping options makes it very versatile as well.
Also the Bunny guitar/Pickups is fantastic Too!. Sounds as good as my Gibson but has more balls ! Plays beautifully.
I'm really pleased with them. See you soon when I find something else nice.
Thanks a lot, Paul Andrews

Hi Ray and Lucy,
Let me tell you, I'm loving this guitar, the setup and pickups are awesome,
I'm glad I took your advice to include the J pup, it's great to have the flexibility of the range of tones available.
I'm looking forward to improving my bass playing on such a nice sounding/playable instrument.
It's great to have the new tonal range available,
something else I'm keen to explore, all in all this guitar is a completely different animal as to what I've been used to and a real pleasure to play!
Thanks to you and Ray for everything.
Gary Jarvis

Great work guys !
Motown never sounded so good!
Mark Anderson - Funky Flares

As I expected, the SG sounds great through my Marshall amp.
The low notes in the riffs have more definition and cut through nicely.
I like the contrast in sound between the neck Ďvintageí pickup and bridge Ďhotí pickup and this should give me all I will need to get the sounds I want in the studio and live on stage.
Thanks for your great work on your brilliant pickups and the personal and speedy service.
Phil Denton - Midnight Messiah.

Had this guitar for ages locked in the store room, was in desperate need of some TLC.
Refret, set up, custom p90 pick up and whole guitar rewired by the legends that are Ray and Lucy Cooper
Plays and sounds amazing!
Ben Sansom - Lower Than Atlantis

Have had quite a bit of noodling on Jimi ,
and Ďcos he sounds so good with all the different sounds you can get from the extensive & creative Juicy switching system,
I have hardly been putting him on the dirty channel or engaging any drive pedals .
Loviní it!
Have a great weekend!
Gary Bird

The Vintage is great, a really playable little machine now.
A couple of others have tried it & remarked on the smooth feel & the bite of the pickups.
I tried a couple of similar Vintages to see how it would normally feel & sound and itís clearly a very different instrument now,
far higher quality.
And, of course, it goes up to 11 :-)

I took the plastistrat to a jam recently & it did itís usual job on observers
("never seen one of those before, isnít it a bit heavy and blimey, thatís got some b*lls to it).
Best pickups & wiring job ever.
Mungo Duncan

Hi Lucy
Have been meaning to email for a while Ė amazing how time slips buy.
Four months on and the Bass still sounds fantastic after the work you and Ray put in.
Iím informed by the sound man that I still have stupid grin on my face every time I play.
Sound and response from the pickups is amazing!
thank you so much.
Martin Hardwidge

Hi Lucy/Ray,
My once tired and wobbly 26 year old Les Paul is now back and better than ever. The full set up and replacement machine heads mean itís like butter to play and actually stays in tune!

The new ĎJuicyí PUP in the bridge is just that and squeals delightfully as the gain is ratcheted up. Itís definitely a bit ĎPageyí and I love it. You were right though it makes the Gibson pup in the neck sound a bit muddy, it creates quite a unique tone with the 2 on together but Iím going to have to come back for an upgrade to 2 Juicyís.
Even my Ďcheapí Ibanez artcore roadster is punching above its weight following a proper set up and some TLC who needs a 335?
Thank you for rejuvenating my beloved guitars, and for the little extras you threw in. The service and workmanship is exemplary and I am delighted.
P.S Lucy, I will get you a clip of the pup in action but reckon it should be live, loud and just through the tube as it deserves.
Graham Cordery

Lovin' those pick ups!
Not stopped playing the red meanie since Sunday and fingers hurt now!
Rich Welch

Hi guys
Just to say the tele is ROCKIN!!!!!
Cheers guys x
Nick Robinson

Hi Ray And Lucy
I finally got got to try out the Strat you guys worked on for me, and I must say its fantastic.
The set up is great and its plays effortlessly, and the pickups, wow what can I say they sound great.
Great clean tones, really crisp and vibrant and with all three going you can get some really unique and twangy Tele kinda tones.
As you will see from the picture it's gone from the rack to no1 go to position on my Studio wall.
I will be in touch soon to get some more work done on some others.
Many Thanks
Ian O'Donnell

Hello Ray and Lucy.
Hope you are both well. We gigged Friday and Saturday and I've had two studio sessions with the lp.
Just to let you know that the gibson is perfect.
The pick ups sound great and have real bite when i want it or can can be soft and singing.
The tone and vol controls work so much better than the original pots.
I am one very happy customer. ;)
All the best,
Luke jones

Dear Ray and Lucy,
What can I say! !!!
I have never enjoyed playing my Tele more than giving it its first outing last week end
The feel was fantastic, and all due to your hard work.
The sound and tonal range is amazing, Lucy's pick ups surpass my greatest expectations .
You have been looking after my guitars for years now and will continue to do so.
Thanks again for a great job, John Clare
John Clare

Story of '' Juicy '' Les and ''Juicy '' Lag
This is the story of my Gibson Les Paul Axcess custom and Lag Arkane Master 3000 guitars, both of which were previously fitted with replacement ' split ' tapped pickups and had previous set ups I had been searching sometime for a service quality by someone of Luthier skills, experience and knowhow, as I have always suspected the level of ' shop Service 'available for my guitars I searched the internet, and came across 'Ray Cooper Guitars ' the information looked promising I read the various very positive review articles . could this be the one I thought ??? but no phone number ?? just e-mail address !!
Not easily deterred, I quickly mailed Ray, saying I wanted a full set up of both my guitars, and got a fast response saying bring them down for an evaluation and I can see what needs doing. So I made my way to his workshop in a very nice area in Hertfordshire, and arrived in his extremely well equipped workshop, with walls adorned with photo memorabilia of various guitar and rock icons. all signed !! .. all of which are customers of Rayís from his 40 years of luthier experience .. I felt comfortable here already. Ray and daughter Lucy , who has been trained by Ray over the past 10 years, are such warm, friendly and very knowledgeable people, . this was a great experience already J
Ray had a quick look at the Les Paul Custom saying thatís not right and then onto the Lag which he found tons of things wrong . especially the fret set up which was not crowned at all. leave them with me and weíll put Ďem right , from the various 'tuttís' and headshaking I felt that my Lag had been butchered somehow !!!
Lucy then ran me through what she does with her 'hand scatter wound' pickups marketed as 'Juicy Pickups' .. each set is hand wound by her, according to the Sound or type of music the customer likes to play, all built the Old Fashioned vintage way, utilising the best braided wiring etc. She grabbed both the guitars, whipped off the electrics covers plugged each humbucker into her equipment and remarked these are not wired as split coil . Apparently all I was getting was a reduced output and not a switch to a single humbucker slug as I has wanted !!! flaminí hell I thought . but I guess thatís what you should expect from the previous back street ' Bodge it and Scarper ' outfit !!!
Anyway, I thought right, letís go for this then and requested a new set of Juicy Pickups for both guitars, split wired, and with vintage specification wiring .. she threw in some capacitors the ' size of coke cans ' which apparently improve the tone roll off Öall booked in and left my guitars to be sorted.
Well, sorted they were in fact re-born !!!
The Lag was completely re-worked, from correct fret setting and crowning, through setting the Floyd rose bridge and head nut being re-set correctly.. fully set up, tuned up, re-wired and sporting the New Juicy Specíd pickups, as was the Les Paul Custom Axcess .
The result . ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE !!! . Both like completely different, brand new guitars. The playing action is fantastic, so very very easy now. The attention to detail in all the work done is amazing, which gives these superb results .. and the pickups are just fantastic clear , detailed, great punch when you want it, smooth volume and tone roll off .. proper 'split coil ' tapped pots, and so many permutations of tones now available from both guitars, is just amazing !!
Now to anyone who has trawled their way through this massive review, all I can say is that Ray & Lucy are two of the best people you could wish to meet in this industry, their knowledge and skill is of the highest calibre I have met .. If you are either looking for a decent professional level guitar set up, or just love your instruments and want the best service for them then you MUST try Ray Cooper Guitars out . You have invested a lot of cash and time into your guitars already, as I had, and they DESERVE to be set up so that they can be at their fullest potential .. you wonít be disappointed I certainly wasnít as I have a ' Juicy Les ' and a 'Juicy Lag ' set of Guitars
Gary Bird
Glad you both enjoyed the plonk again, it was only fair after the tremendous work that you & Ray put in.
So..............the Strat.
It....sounds....bl**dy....amazing. Firstly, the pickups are just superb, the neck is warm but with just the right edge, middle adds a great balance but nothing jarring, and the bridge has a real bite to it. Each has a responsive, clear & full sound which is distinctly Strat, and with the higher output levels I have to say that overall they leave the Rio Grande pickups Ė which I originally thought were truly great & which I chose in preference to DiMarzio and Seymour Duncans (hey, it was a few years ago !) Ė sounding empty, flat & fairly gutless. Utterly brilliant job, Lucy, love them. The next good bit though comes with the special wiring job. With the neck/middle selected & when you add the bridge with the push/pull tone pot the sound of all 3 pickups together is just huge, a full-range sound that has a big round tone but when you dig in for a solo it just whistles through. Awesome. Compare it with a high-end PRS (but far, far better). Likewise the neck/bridge combination, a great warm neck sound but with that clear Fender quack which cuts through when you dig in Ė like a souped-up Telecaster. And the really nice thing Ė no-one else in the world has a guitar like it. Rayís recommendation of the Gotoh bridge was inspired. Itís solid, holds stable tuning, has taken a huge amount of abuse so far & has only lost the occasional bit of tuning because of the new strings being tortured to death by me Ė I finger bend up quite hard & then add a big handful of whammy bend. Thatís what happens when youíve been without a working trem for years. On the other hand, a perspex strat weighs a bl**dy ton so itís not something you can play all the time. Currently not playing in a particular band although Iíve depped occasionally & regularly play with ex-members of my old band just for the fun of it. We might have a reunion sometime just to show the current pretenders using the old band name how itís really done. Iíll let you know so that you can come along for a good night of funk & soul.
Better save up now to have my Les Paul tended to.
All the very best,
Mungo Duncan

Hi Lucy
Well, as promised I plugged my Tele into my amp & FX rack as soon as I got home, Iíve been playing pretty much constantly since then & my fingers are frayed ! What incredible pickups. The humbuckers are big, full, lots of bottom & mid but with some great top end bite and lots of clarity across the range, even when you drive it hard. Open up the coil tap & the sound is instant Fender BUT fuller, hotter & with a sweet edge to it. Never heard anything quite like it, especially with the Marshall Regenerator pedal (a sadly overlooked but utterly awesome bit of kit) which gives it an ultra-spacious feel. My booster pedal also looks like it can be retired, I only used it to give the original fairly gutless licensed Seymour Duncans a bit of a kick. Basically this is a spectacular new and guitar, and since Rayís worked his magic itís a damn good one too. Awesome job, Lucy, utterly delighted with it. Now Iíll have to bring by homemade perspex strat up to date & get rid of the Rio Grande pickups Ė I thought they were great but theyíre really not in the same league as yours.
Enjoy the wine.
Mungo Duncan
Dear Lucy
Dave has been using your pick ups for many years and is a big fan. We have just completed the new website for his band The Pedantics and have listed Juicy Pickups on the Links page. We hope you like it. The pickups on Dave's Strat and Telecaster in the photos are all Juicy pick ups. We got married in May this year. Thanks for all your help
Dave Fletcher
Hi Ray and Lucy,
Just to let you know I just got home with my Vox Virage, that you set up and replaced the pickups with some of Lucys P90's. What a difference!! it plays like a different instrument, and the sound is superb. Now if I'm using the overdrive channel of my amp I can roll off the guitar volume and go back to a clean tone, roll up the volume and get some great distortion tones. It really has made the world of difference to my guitar. Makes my amp sound great too. Many thanks for a great job, and thanks to Lucy for the pickups Neil
Neil Martin
Hi Lucy, THANKS!!!!!
they arrived on Saturday, fitted 'em to my strat that afternoon, love 'em
more "oomph" than the original Fender pickups and more character/warmth/depth/scaryJuicymagic than the Seymour Duncans/Bare Knuckles i've used in recent years.
many thanks again, sooooo looking forward to rehearsal/gigs in next week or two,
Dave Fletcher
Hi Lucy,
you supplied me with Juicy Custom Hotrods for my Tele in August 2009, they've gigged in various bands/styles of music and i can't thank you enough. love 'em!
i've had your pickups for over a year and am still excited about them, i use an ageing Princeton Reverb, Showman and Marshall DSL401 and the tele always sounds fantastic.
I will get in touch in future for strat and les paul pickups
Many thanks
Dave Fletcher
I fitted the new rewound P100s and they are terrific.
(called ' P100SJ ' on my website, new design ......copyright to raycooperguitars......)
The wooliness of the neck pick-up has disappeared giving much more of the desirable single coil harmonics that I was after.
I am particularly pleased with the bridge pick up which I rarely used before
. It's now nicely balanced with the neck pick up.
I still have to balance the pole pieces but I've noticed that the eq range capabilities of my amp have vastly improved (but perhaps that's just down to new strings....not)!
And no hum or buzz like the P90s.
Thank you for the great workmanship.
Stephen McGowan
Hi , Just let you know, got the Patrick Eggle home warmed up and woke up and brilliant.
The action is spot on smooth and low and the pick ups are brilliant.
There is a sparkle to the sound which is invlolving and all the mids and lows are spot on too,
the difference between neck and bridge pick ups is quite dramatic, suits me fine.
The tone and volume controls are smooth and dead quiet.
Excellent job, thank you very much.
Nick Gaultier
To Lucy
The pick up fitted to my Fender has transformed the sound from sounding great to bloody amazing, especially with the style I play
Mixed with the original pick up it has the presence and all round sound that really hits the spot.
I never use the original pickups anymore only mixed with the juicy
You guyís really no your stuff, considering having idiots like myself come in with no clue just normally damaged guitars,
That then come back,
Fully souted back to life but with the improvements you have suggested that makes you love your instrument more
Thanks again
Ray Rockley

Hi Lucy,
I picked up my pickups this morning from the sorting office. i raced homefrom work to fit them into my Tele which has been waiting patiently sincethe weekend when i was told they were coming.
So far i've only had a chance to try them in the flat with my Princeton,
they're brilliant!!!
I'mSOOOOO looking forward to hearing them with everything cranked up to gig levels
.i'll be in touch in a couple of weeks, by which time i will have used them with 2 or 3 different bands.
Many thanx for the fast service and brilliant pickups,
Dave Fletcher

Pleasure to meet and chat yesterday. The pickups made for my Les Paul are bloody marvellous and I will be telling all my friends about them. Donít think it ever sounded this good even when it was new!
See you soon
Steve Hayes
Ray & Lucy Got the ol girl home yesterday evening.........took about 50 pictures then proceeded to bombard all my pals with them..........all agree it looks amazing in comparison to the original lump I brought in to you looking Oh so very very sad. Sat there another hour or so wondering shall I give it a go,plugged her in to the Vibrolux and lo & behold its sounds amazing too.Even with my 3 chord limitations.
Cant wait to get hold of my pups& controls for my new project.
Thanks & see you all soon
Tony Scott

Silvertone 1423 gold / black sparkleI
took the guitar straight to the gig on Friday and played a great show. It sounded mad.
Worlds apart from the sad instrument that my mate Jonny carried through Heathrow Arrivals!!!
Thanks so much for all you have done.
There's more!Cheers,
Andy Neal
I had a pair of juicy lucy lucy juicy pick ups fitted on my Bass a short while ago, and they are are the fabbest of all pick ups.
They have a smashing tone and are a very nice shape (oblong). The people that have come to my gigs (sometimes up to 2) have passed wind, sorry, have passed comment on the lovely sound coming from my posing pole.
Seriously though............I have known Ray and his lovely family for years and years (and years), and the Ray Cooper Guitars have been, and always will be second to none. Ray is a real craftsman who loves what he is doing, and now the wonderful (dedicated) Lucy is on board making those excellent pick ups, it couldn't get better.
Mick Groome
Dear Lucy and Ray,
apologies for not writing sooner, but I wanted to say how absolutely delighted I am with the work you've done on my Custom Explorer.
A beautiful,warm classic tone from the neck pick up, and then you switch to the Jucifer bridge pick up... and oh my... Stunning!!
Ray has also set the guitar up so nicely, it's a real joy to play.
Hope to see you soon - all the very best to you both
Ian Lyall
I gigged the Vox for the first time last night Ė what an awesome guitar ! I promised to give you a run down on how it played.
Firstly, this is the first time ever that Iíve played a guitar that feels the way this does. You may think Iím losing the plot slightly, but thereís something about it that just feels, well, alive !
Itís incredibly responsive & feels as if itís leading your playing Ė you always feel that you can play something better, or smoother, or more dynamically, more emotionally Ė and you do.
Iíve owned & played all manner of guitars over the past 35 years, Gibsons, Fenders, Guild, Ibanez, Yamaha etc etc, the odd custom guitar, even down to a bunch of good copies & homebuilts but nothing that quite feels like this one. Itís a joy to play, set up incredibly well & with a vintage sound that makes your ears smile.
So speaking of sound, itís very varied. The baseline is definitely vintage strat & you can pull out all the usual nasal quacking funky strat stuff, but it also has a bit of tele-type bite about it, particularly on the centre & bridge pickups.
The neck is very different though & you could easily sometimes think youíre playing a PRS, it still has the base strat sound but itís also quite creamy, rich & smooth.
Favoured position is with neck & centre selected Ė it has a full-range sort of feel, sort of ballsy Strat with an edge, but roll off a wee bit of tone & youíre easily into PRS territory.
At higher gain settings the bridge pickup has a nice saturation about it without being too brittle & will happily feedback when required whilst still being very controllable. Itís easily better than my old Ibanez S540 for high-gain lead work Ė the Ibanez always sounded a bit flimsy, this one has punch & edge but still retains a fullness at the high end. Nice. Extremely positive comments on the sound from the rest of the band & our roadie.
Tuning & stability Ė excellent even under hot lighting. Neck Ė great feel. Narrower than I usually like them, but very easy to adapt to & at higher registers the string spacing is good.
I have to say that I think that both Lucy & yourself have done a phenomenal job & this is one superb guitar which will work well across the range, from light clean picking work through jazz, funk & soul into blues & rock.
I didnít feel the need to get the 6 month old VG Strat out last night, this 47 year old instrument took 2 Ĺ hours in itís stride without even losing tuning. Awesome.
Mungo Duncan

Hi Ray & Lucy,
Thanks for fitting the Juicy pickups and the Washburn trem system onto my Gibson SG Supreme.
The guitar sounds and feels great now. I played it the very same night that I picked it up from you at our gig in Camden.
I thought the sounds coming out of my SG were wicked, and judging by the enthusiastic response from the crowd, they thought so too!!
So thanks once again for your skill, care and craftsmanship on another Elixir axe.
Take care,
Phil Denton
Dear Ray & Lucy,
I would like to state on record of your professionalism in fitting juicy Lucyís pickups for my bass and many thanks to ray for making it sound superb.
I could not have asked for more but to me using my GK amplifier, it makes a vast difference in the quality of sound. I cannot emphasise more than that the pickups are What makes the sound of bass crispy and taut in producing the sound I like it to be.
Many Thanks for all your hard work in advising me of what I needed and creating it for me
Hi both.
Yesterday I spent a very pleasurable couple of hours playing my dear 'ol jazz bass and felt moved to send you this note.
This bass has a long story attached to it. Thankfully, it has a happy ending and one day I fully intend to write it all down. Suffice to say that the previous owner had not cared for it and when I happened upon it many years ago it was badly in need of some serious TLC and what better people to give it a new life than Ray and Lucy. Ray rebuilt it for me.
The end result is truly a work of art and has to be seen to be believed. The final touch was the recent addition of Lucy's pick-ups which has given it the rich and classic vintage voice that it deserves. Think early Robert Palmer and Little Feat.
It has a great range of sounds. Both pick-ups pushed nearly to their limits is frankly an awesome sound. Amazing bottom end a very clear mid punch. Wind off the neck pick-up a little, tweak the tone and you are given a lovely tight funky sound. Perfect for 'popping the octaves'. It is also impossible to get a harsh and brittle top end. Whatever combination you choose these pick-ups only deliver warm sounds.
They are highly recommended.
For this gift I am forever in your debt.
Lord Rippington of Fishery.
I have been using Ray and Lucy for the past couple of years and I wouldnít let anyone else fiddle with my G-string!
For over a year I used Seymour Duncan pickups on my Tele and could never get to grips with how disappointing their tone was.
However all it took was one conversation with Lucy and Ray and I was given a pair of the finest hot vintage Tele pickups I have ever heard!
If youíre not happy with your pickups then donít take a chance with ones that are not tailored to your exact specs, otherwise you will never be satisfied!
Leigh Lewis
We're recording our new demo and my white bass sounds so sweet!
It must be the pick-ups!
Loves you Luc!
Joe Greenwood
Lucy the pick ups in the tokia after having them for 6 months now, Ií am still amazed at the quality of sound they produce!
My son will not use any other guitar!
See you soon,
Ray Rockley
These pickups have transformed an s.g special into a fire breathing hell bitch. It now sounds better than an s.g supreme! Hand-made, Scatter-wound pickups are the only way forward for the way i play now, which is heavy but tonal, and these cut through beautifully with the alnico V magnet adding big fat balls to the tone. I now have modern power but with vintage airy tone. I am proud to use and endorse these pickups. ....now can i have some more please!
Julian Cooper- Viking Skull
Jules Cooper
Hi Lucy,Here is the review as promised...
Lucy has produced these excellent Jazz Bass Pickups that have the vintage clarity and punch plus excellent low mids that cut through and really drive the sound , they also have much more power without overload and distortion but they sound alive and sound like they are working to their full capacity.
They are perfect for my twin neck Bass and really make the fretless sing.
Thank you for the good work and bringing vintage sounds with more sonic depth.
Best Wishes Dave Harvey
P.S.Would it be possible to have a copy of those photos you took Lucy because I do not have many of the Twin Neck? Thanks!
Dave Harvey
What can i say, but WOW!
The sound of these things is so close to the 70s tele sound I fell in love with!
I would go to say that they are the nicest sounding pickups I've ever heard -and I've been trying a lot recently!
I won't ever hesitate in convincing every guitarist I meet to upgrade now!
The best thing is the way the chords sound -somehow they just blend together clearly but warmly defined. Finally I have a guitar worth playing -I think your pickups have made the biggest impact on the quality of tone -custon wah circuits, amps, and expensive USA tele's are all a waste of money until the pickups sound right.
Please feel free to quote anything I've said here. I'm very happy to endorse your pickups whole heartedly.
Thanks again.
Ian Stephenson
Hi Boys and Girls....
Just a short note to say thanks for bringing my 1955 Gibson Les Paul Jnr back to life. Its never sounded or felt so good.
The attention to detail is astounding!!!
Cooperman and Cooperwoman come to rescue once again!!!
Best Wishes
Nick Robinson
I have just had Lucy build and fit a Stonking new Vintage Humbucker to my custom Ray Cooper Guitar - the 'Walnut Whip'...
As my fingers fly across the fret board like electric sausages in a sesame seed bun its like a pride (gaggle?) of Angels farting in my earhole.
Bob Marvellous is the bass player for Mundijong and should never be let near a proper guitar.
You don't have to be an experienced player to benefit from 'Uncle' Ray's craftsmanship!
infact I would say that novice's to the instrument, (like me), definitely benefit from his expertise, Uncle Ray makes any production guitar easier to play, as well as sounding better.
I first visited Uncle Ray on a recommendation from the right honorable Dave 'Bucket' Colwell, and I'm ashamed to say that I have been back EIGHT times in the past two years as I struggle, (- it's a very enjoyable struggle!), to work out which guitar style suits me best.
I'm addicted to playing, and keep chopping and changing instruments, (- eventually I'll do the sensible thing and commission him to make me one), but Uncle Ray patiently nods, rolls his eyes, and works his magic on each and everyone. Even so- called "Custom Shop' instruments need a 'Ray Cooper' set-up. Admittedly my guitar 'habit' means I am now virtually bankrupt, but I cannot imagine playing a guitar that Uncle Ray, (and Lucy), HAVEN'T breathed on - in pursuit of tone, what would be the point? Lovely people, although I'm still convinced Uncle Ray was a great train robber in a previous life...
Steve Deeks
Ray Cooper! Guitar Maker Extraordinare!!!
What a buzz it was to visit Ray Coopers guitar workshop. I watched the master and his very clever daughter Lucy at work first hand.
These lovely people have worked with many of the biggest names in the music business.
Lovely people and very clever with it.
Thanks again Lucy and Ray.
Tommy Ross
For over 10 years, Ray has been fixing, tweaking and CARING for my guitars.
From set-ups to refrets to completely rebuilding vintage guitars and pick-ups, to a standard so high, reliability is guarateed.
Many artists and guitar techs, on taking my recommendation, have been more than satisfied and for my own part, I recently commisioned Ray to build two custom Telecasters, both fine instrumments.
He has proved again he is a true master of his craft.
Dave Colwell Lead Guitar for the following bands:
Bad Company, Humble Pie,The Quire Boys and The Jones Gang.
I have "grown up" with Ray.
He is the loveliest man, he has the loveliest children and he makes some of the best guitars in the world.
No exageration, this man is a craftsmans craftsman.
Paul Green (Lead Guitar) has done the rounds playing with people like : Suzi Quatro,
Brian Knight, Screaming Lord Sutch and many more......

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