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Customer : Ben/ Valentino Vegas
Electric Alchemist
One of the famous....Amigo's!
I rewound Ben's bridge pickup.

"Brass a come and so do The Amigo's. This band mix influences like other people mix narcotic cocktails..."
It's all about the music, the show and the dirty love.
We'd love to be able to sum up our music and what we are in a single paragraph, but does it really matter? If you pick your music 'coz it fits into a tidy style shaped box, then you is heading for a lifetime of missed opportunities and experiences my friend! Have a listen to what we do and leave a comment, good or bad. We do it because we want to, and love doing it...a lot. Every gig is a party and we want you to feel like a welcome guest. Life's too short to stand at the back and worry about who's watching, get up the front and get dancing...you'll feel better.
Thanks for stopping by.
We is all Amigosxxx

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