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Customer : Mungo Duncan
guitarist for Huggy Flares
Huggy Flares bring you energetic and authentic well-known and well loved tunes, making a stunning mixture of disco and soul floorfillers which every age group will know and enjoy, from teenager to sixties! HuggyFlaresare ideal for corporate functions, private parties, wedding receptions, dinner dances or any other event where you want your guests to get down & get funky. Self contained with a high-quality 3KW PA and new, exciting lighting system, HuggyFlares bring a crystal clear and perfectly balanced sound to make the band visually & audibly professional leaving you stress-free to enjoy the occasion.

Mungo had lot's of work done on this guitar to bring it back to it's shining glory...
The pickups are vintage replacements, made to match the spread of this guitars strings and the original pickup covers. This Vox has a narrow string spread and the pickups are more the size of a telecaster coil (neck).